Welcome to our kittenpage.

You can look by planning  the combinations that we are going to do and when.

Also, you can see if there are kittens available.

At kitten information you can find information about the kittens that are born with us

And you can see our past litters.

Available Litters

Kitten information

Our kittens moved to other country's when they are 16-17 weeks old.

Pet kittens will be neutered at 14 weeks.

We only sell cats for breeding to registered, cattery which have the same vision as we have..

The kittens can not free outside. Only in a catsafe garden or balcony

All our cats are DNA and Ultrasound tested on HCM,PKD/CIN  and you get copies from the testresults

The kittens get a rabies vaccination if they are 13 weeks old.

♥ Kittens for breed leave our house with a rabies vaccin on 16 weeks old

When the kitten moved he / she gets:

- Contract

- Pedigree (FIFE)

- European pet passport

- Two sets of vaccinations

- Chipped

- Dewormed

- Rabies vaccination

- Copy of the testing of the parent

- Pictures of the kittens from birth until they move

- Test results from the parents ( dna and ultrasound HCM, PKD/CIN, FIV/FELV)

- toys and food for the kittens


If you are interested in a kitten or have a question, please fill out the contact form

It is important that you also tell something about yourself,, living situation, cattery and website.

These emails are read with great interest and respond with care..