Our Cattery

We are Stephan and Jessica and live with our son and ragdolls in Zeist.

Our son Jake born on 5 September 2020. And our Daughter Liv born 8 Augustus 2022. We love our children, they are a great part of the socialisation of the kittens. 

Jessica has had cats all her life and since we lived together there have also been cats in our lives. The dream of Jessica had been a long time to have a ragdoll cattery. We had been in love with the ragdolls for a long time. The beautiful big building, deep blue eyes, and the gentle sweet character.

We knew very quickly that we wanted to breed large, impressive ragdolls and Stephan has studied the pedigrees and genetics knowledge.

Ragdoll cattery Perfect Change was founded in July 2013.

We have learned a lot over the years and especially that nature does not let itself be controlled. That is why we do everything at a leisurely pace and we are very proud of what we have already achieved with our ragdolls.

We breed the ragdoll standard of FIFE. We are also member of FIFE mundikat.

We love to  shows with a few of our ragdolls. This because we like to hear from judges whether we are on the right track with our breeding program. We only go to show with the ragdolls that are also relaxed, not all our ragdolls appreciate it to go to show. These stay at home.

Our ragdolls are tested echo for HCM and PKD / CIN through a recognized Specialist Veterinary Radiologist. For us health is very important and we only want to breed with healthy animals. Our cats are also tested  FIV / FELV and receive the vaccinations.

All test results can be viewed.

Our ragdolls are our pets and run  loose in the house, we dont use cages!!. At night they can sleep in bed with us if they want to. They also have the disposal of an outdoor arena where they can enter when we are at home.

Our male has his own room where he is at times. He also come in the group and at night he sleeps with us in bed..

We have the vision to breed large stable and healthy ragdolls with standard of Fife. It is also very important that they keep their gentle and stable character and pass this on to their kittens. Our ragdolls have the perfect ragdoll caracter, easy, sweet, lazy and absolutely perfect friend of your family. . They are always with you and love to walk with you in the house. They love to play outside in a safe garden. 

We breed ragdolls in the colors seal and blue in the varieties bicolor (high mitted), mitted and point. We also breed with tabby.

We only breed the original pointed ragdolls with blue eyes, we dont supported mink, sepia and solid.

For us  health is a very important part of breeding. We do not just want to put kittens on the world without a goal, because there are already many catteries that breed this beautiful breed.

We have our cats tested every year ultrasound (HCM, PKD/CIN) and FIV and FELV so that we can act quickly in case something goes wrong.

Our cats are also tested via DNA on HCM and PKD.