Welcome to the website of Ragdoll Cattery Perfect Change

We are Stephan and Jessica and live with our ragdoll cats in Zeist, near to Utrecht in The Netherlands.

In June 2013, Ragdoll cattery Perfect Change was founded, but we have been in love with ragdolls for a long time.

Their beautiful big boning, deep-blue eyes, and their soft personality are what attract us to this breed.

We are registered to FIFE Mundikat, and breed according to their standards. In addition, we regularly visit shows with our ragdoll cats. We show in different country with our show and breeding friends. You can see on the showpage where we will be on show.

Every year our ragdolls are tested on HCM and PKD/CIN by a registered Specialist Veterinary Radiologist. Our cats` health is a top priority to us, and we only want to breed with healthy animals. Our cats are also tested on FIV/FELV and given their shots annually.

Our ragdolls are our pets so they live together with us in our house where they roam free. When we are home, they also have the freedom of an outdoor run. Our ragdolls has the best character and we are very proud of them.

♦ Update:  30-04-2023