GIC Perfect Change Blue Ivy

Grant International Champion Perfect Change Blue Ivy

This beautiful blue bicolor babygirl is our Blue Ivy, daughter of Blossom Love Me Lillifee.

When she was a young kitten, we knew she would stay with us, such a beautiful girl, an copy of her mother. We cant let her go.

Ivy is great in character, when she searchings us she calls and she comes running very fast and loudly she lets herself fall on her lap.

Ivy develops very beautiful and has a very nice profile and good ear position. She has big eyes that are getting darker in color. She is not very big but has a nice correct body.

Ivy likes the shows very well, she will go with us.


Kitten en junior klasse

4x Uitmuntend 1

Open klasse poezen

3x CAC = Kampioen

3x CACIB = Internationaal Kampioen

6x CAGCIB = Groot Internationaal Kampioen


4x Nominatie best in show

3x Best in Show