Blumenkatzen Zoro

Blumenkatzen Zorro

Name: Zorro

Date of Birth: 25-3-2019

Patern: Blue Bicolour (high mitted)       

King: Blumenkatzen Calvin Klein

Queen: Blumenkatzen Hermione



Fiv/Felv:  Negative

HCM PKD/CIN Echo: Negative 2020

DNA HCM/PKD: Negative

Zorro has bloodtype A


This handsome male is Blumenkatzen Zorro and comes from Brazil. Zorro has beautiful bloodlines and he will become a big male.

Zoro has a strong and big body with a very good silky coat. His head is broad with a good earset. Zoro lives free in our house with the girls and he is very sweet and easy. We hope he will make kittens in 2021 with some of our girls. 

We are very grateful our friends, the breeder of Zorro, Carla Janke and Jan van Blumenkatzen Ragdolls in Brazil.