Blumenkatzen Zoro

Blumenkatzen Zorro

Name: Zorro

Date of Birth: 25-3-2019

Patern: Blue Bicolour (high mitted)       

King: Blumenkatzen Calvin Klein

Queen: Blumenkatzen Hermione



Fiv/Felv:  Negative

HCM PKD/CIN Echo: Negative 2020

DNA HCM/PKD: Negative

Zorro has bloodtype A


This handsome male is Blumenkatzen Zorro and comes from Brazil. Zorro has beautiful bloodlines and he will become a big male. He is a year and 5.7 kilos and he goes after his father Calvin Klein in weight.

Zoro has a beautiful type and we are very much looking forward to taking him to the show.

Zorro has a very sweet character, he still walks in the group between the ladies and the kittens. He has a relaxed and sweet character, which the ragdoll is known for. Zorro is in full development and will become a beautiful big male.

We are very grateful to the breeder of Zorro, Carla Janke and Jan van Blumenkatzen Ragdolls in Brazil.

Zorro is not available for studservice