Ritered Breeders

Ritered breeders

Grant International Champion  Blossom Love Me Lillifee

Name: Blossom Love Me Lillifee

Date of born: 23-2-2012

Patern: Blue Bicolour (high mitted)       

Sire: SGC Keepurrs Love me Linden   

Dame: RW TGC Blossom Ms Wisteria Whiskers


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Contessa her litters (they are clickable)

- B Litter 2017

Lillifee live with her son and grandson with our good friend Ellen and her family.

Grant International Champion  Raggato Nelson

Name:  Raggato Nelson

Date of birth: 16-6-2015

Patern: Seal Bicolour (high mitted)       

Sire: Adorabledolls Thor   

Dame: Marlcreek Ellen


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Nelson his litters (they are clickable)

- E Litter 2018

- F Litter 2018

Nelson live with our friend Janine and her son.

Champion Wanderduene Contessa